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The Cobra King One Length Irons feature a whole lot of innovative technologies that will improve every aspect of your iron play.

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The Cobra King One Length Irons feature a whole lot of innovative technologies that will improve every aspect of your iron play.

Uniquely, all the irons in this set are One Length and the same lie. Specifically designed to promote One Set Up and One Swing for each of the irons, with only the loft differing you will find your ball striking improves as well as your distance gapping and dispersion. 

Cobra have created the One Length Iron in partnership with their tour ambassador Bryson DeChambeau. DeChambeau has put One Length into play in tournaments through 2016 and will continue to play One Length irons. 

The Actual Cobra King F7 One Length Iron head has been engineered using four head styles. Cobra call this TechFlo and the configuration of the sets breaks down as follows:

3, 4, 5 Irons - Full Hollow Cavity to deliver maximum ball speed, forgiveness and give the long irons an easy-to-launch profile. 

6, 7 Irons - Half Hollow Cavity to deliver high ball speeds with maximum forgiveness and a towering ball flight.

8, 9, PW Irons - Cavity Back that will help deliver a brilliant combination of distance, accuracy and forgiveness control. 

GW, SW Irons - Specialist wedges enable maximum shot-making precision as well as incredible distance control and feel. 

Also incorporated into the F7 Iron face design is a technology called PWRSHELL™, it has a thinner, stronger face using a 17-4 stainless steel that creates a larger more forgiving hitting zone to max out forgiveness and provide precise distances off each clubface. 

All the faces features 100% CNC Milled grooves that will improve control and workability allowing you to attack tucked away pins like never before. A lower and more centred CG provides maximum precision without sacrificing forgiveness. 

A standard lightweight True Temper shaft has been used by Cobra in these One Length Irons to give you a consistent forgiving ball flight that will also help control your shot dispersion. 

Regular, Stiff
Left, Right
Set Options
4-PW (7 Irons), 5-PW+GW (7 Irons)
True Temper Steel
Irons Loft Lie Offset(mm) Length Swing Weight Flex Hand
4 23.0° 62.5°  2.0 37.25" D1 S / R  RH / LH
5 26.0° 62.5°  1.8 37.25" D1  S / R  RH  / LH
6 29.0° 62.5°  1.5 37.25"  D1  S / R  RH / LH
7 33.0° 62.5°  1.3 37.25"  D1  S / R  RH / LH
8 37.0° 62.5°  1.3 37.25"  D1  S / R  RH / LH
9 41.0 62.5° 1.3 37.25"  D1 S / R  RH / LH
PW 45.0° 62.5° 1.3 37.25"  D1 S / R RH /LH
GW 50.0° 62.5° 1.3 37.25" D1 S / R RH / LH


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